West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Jan, 2021


West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust






Jan, 2021


In September 2019, Ceetech was awarded the contract to replace the John Godden panel at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.

West Suffolk Hospital has 460-beds. It provides acute services and outpatient facilities including 13 theatres. Based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, the main building was constructed in the 1970s. It is undergoing various works to ensure the building meets current regulations and can continue to provide a safe environment for patient care.

Part of the capital programme of work included upgrading the HV and LV electrical distribution infrastructure. Ceetech won the tender for a £2million project to replace the John Godden panel and associated works.


The project took place over 24months, including a short shut-down due to COVID-19.

Working in an operational building is always a challenge. When that building is providing patient care, and coping with unprecedented clinical demand during the global pandemic, the challenge goes up a level.

After a six-week project shut-down during Lockdown 1, we restarted with various protective measures in place. We had undertaken our Health and Safety risk assessments in line with COVID-19 guidance and worked to those practices introduced by the NHS.

Areas were closed off via barriers and at times, pedestrian flow around the hospital was re-routed to allow for corridors to be shut to allow internal works to take place.

Throughout the project, we were aware of the impact of our work on patient care, and the general public shutdowns.

We’re planned to suit the various hospital departments which included undertaking work at nights, weekends and early mornings. When the work produced loud and intrusive noise levels, we limited it to a 20-minute on and 20-minute off routine.

Our interview and presentation, as part of the tender process, had given the client confidence that we were competent and experienced at not only undertaking the work but doing so in a clinical environment. Intensive programming, planning and extensive preparatory works in collaboration with the Hospital Trust team enabled all of the changeovers and shutdowns to be completed as planned without any detriment to the hospital. Our team are highly skilled at successful project planning with the client and understand that any changes need to be discussed and agreed.


Ceetech acted as the main contractor. The project was the decommission and removal of an electrical panel and the installation of a new panel. A new BMS system was installed, along with a new fire suppression system and upgrade to the fire alarm system. Also the HV system was upgraded.

Alongside the electrical and mechanical work, general building work was undertaken. A summary of the work included is listed below:

• Decommission & removal of 2 existing HV transformers and Installation of 3 new HV transformers and associated HV works via planned shutdowns and preparatory works.

• Decommission & Removal of existing LV panel and installation of 3 x new 2000A LV Panels via planned shutdowns and preparatory works.

• Diversion and extension of existing submain circuits to new LV panels via planned shutdowns and preparatory works.

• Decommission & Removal of existing Generator Switchboard and installation of New Generator Switchboard panel and associated control panels.

• Divert and extension of existing generator cables to new Generator Switchboard via planned shutdowns and preparatory works.

• Installation and connection of new Generator control cables between existing Generators and new Generator Switchboard, Generator Control Panels, LV Panels and BMS system.

• Upgrade to existing site CHP system.

• New BMS system and upgrade to the existing system.

• New Fire Suppression System and addition to an existing system.

• Addition to the existing fire alarm system.

• New switch room, transformer compound and system earthing.

• Addition to the existing lightning protection system.

• New power factor control system and reconnection of 2 x existing units.

• Access control system to new HV transformer compound.

• Additions to existing Data/Telephone system.

• Installation of AC system to new switch room.

• Installation of new general electrical items including Mains Distribution, Lighting, Power, Heating, motorised dampers and control etc

• New building extension to create a larger switch room, alteration to HV transformer compound to allow the installation of the 3rd Transformer.

• Various other additional builders work.